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        SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD.

        Hotline:86 21 25050666

        Company Profile

        Anji automobile logistics co., LTD. Was established in August 2000. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of saic motor company.

        • 1989.02

          The long march storage and operation of Shanghai automotive industry sales corporation (Shanghai Volkswagen general distribution) began to open to the outside world, and the predecessor of anji logistics was born.

        • 1992.04

          Shanghai anda automobile storage and transportation co., LTD. Was established, and was the first to carry out the transportation service of goods vehicles in mainland China.

        • 1993.3

          Anting general library is open to the public.

        • 1994.5

          Axa shipping is established, water transportation is added.

        • 1995.1

          The railway was established, and railway transportation was added.

        • 2000.8

          It has been renamed as anji logistics and fully developed the third party logistics service area.

        • 2002.6

          Set up anji world with the Dutch TNT joint venture to develop the parts logistics business.

        • 2003.12

          Joint venture with Shanghai port, NYK and WWL.

        • 2009.1

          Saic has restructured its automotive logistics enterprises and upgraded anji automobile logistics co., ltd. to two levels.

        • 2013.10

          Established anji daily mail Thai company with NYK to launch the overseas business.

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