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        SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD.

        Hotline:86 21 25050666

        A Gift to the 19th National Congress, and a New Chapter of Anji:“Anji 23” North America Inaugural Ceremony Held at Yantai Port

        2017-10-25 Reading 7295

        October 25, 2017, it is an important date to be recorded in the annals of Anji Logistics. Today, the most beautiful car carrier in history—“Anji 23”, loaded with 2900 new “created-in China” models—SAIC-GM Chevrolet Sail 3, set off from the ro-ro terminal of Yantai Port towards North America to enter the Mexican market! This time Anji Logistics realized a new leap forward in ocean roll-on and roll-off transportation, and created another milestone in its journey of internationalization!



        A total of over 100 people from SAIC-GM, Anji Logistics, and Yantai Port Group co-witnessed this important moment.


        Deputy General Manager Xin Jianmin of Anji Logistics giving a speech


        Leaders launching the ceremony



        “Anji 23” vessel was invested by domestic ship-owners. It is a new car carrier with the most advanced technology and the largest number of parking spots that is independently researched, developed, designed, manufactured and inspected in China. Its various technical and economic indicators are all at international leading level.Meanwhile, with the organic combination of environmental engineering, humanengineering, and artistic designing of ships, “Anji 23” is described by the media as “the most beautifulcar carrier in history.”


        Ever since undertaking the SAIC-GM “Envision” North American export project in 2015, Anji fleet has successively accepted for carriage export projects of various brands of models such as Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet of SAIC-GM, with an accumulate number of over 80,000 vehicles up to now.


        “Anji 11”Southeast Asia route setting sail

        August 2016, Anji Shipping opened up the first international ro-ro line independently operated by Chinese enterprise, and set sail towards the Philippines with “Chevrolet Sail 3.”Today, Anji Shipping is setting sail towards the Mexican market with 2900 brand-new models of “Chevrolet Sail 3”, opening up the second international ro-ro line.


        Maiden voyage of “Anji 23” towards North America


        This is the pride and honor of Anji! It signifies that we have taken another leap in the journey “towards the blue ocean”, and realized the stride from short-range ocean transportation to ocean transportation!

        As always, Anji Logistics has been making continuous efforts at the forefront, actively exploring the development of new lines, making bold attempts, conducting elaborate investigation and surveys, and holding on to development opportunities, so s to establish one after another important milestones in the journey of internationalization. In the future, we will continue to more forward against all difficulties, grasp the new opportunity brought by the “One Belt One Road” strategy, seek development through innovation in the ever-changing international shipping market, establish routes and fleet with its own characteristics, continue to enhance its competitiveness in the international market, and achieve grater breakthroughs in the journey of internationalization!

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