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        SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD.

        Hotline:86 21 25050666

        Go Beyond the Dream with Concerted Efforts; Unveiling of Innovation Base of National Convention and Exhibition Centre of Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd.

        2017-10-20 Reading 14491

        In the morning o January 28, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of Innovation Base of National Convention and Exhibition Centre of Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd. was officially held.


        GM Yu and Secretary Cai unveiled the plaque


        This ceremony was attended by company leaders including General Manager Yu De, Secretary of Party CommitteeCai Guo, Deputy General Manager Wang Zemin and Shen Fei, and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Chen Xixi of Anji Logistics. General Manager Yu De of Anji Logistics gave a speech at the ceremony, and Deputy General Manager Shen Fei and General Manager Shi Gong of Express Division each gave a speech.


        Group picture of leaders


        General Manager Yu giving a speech about expectations and wishes

        Yu and Shen pouring champagne

        Shi and Jiang of Express Division cutting cake


        This unveiled office location atNational Convention and Exhibition Centre is another important measure in active cooperation with the group’s“New Four Modernizations” strategy. This innovation base is close to the pivot Hongqiao, Shanghai with a collection of projects such as the Express Division, smart warehousing, and Internet of Vehicles of Anji Logistics. In 2018, Anji Logistics will actively promote the freight transport operation platform work of the new retailing format, coordinate efforts to develop the new logistics equipment businesswith operation under the Internet of Vehicles, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of “commercial IoV + value-added service” customized for freight transport and the acceleration of Anji Logistics’’ transformation towards smart logistics supplier.

        In the future, with technological innovation as the core motive power driving enterprise development, we will join efforts, continue to promote core competitiveness, and strive for further improvement in urban distribution and express delivery!

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