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2018-09-28 Reading 15956

Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for your long-term strong support to our company!


Due to the requirements of our company’s development, the Chinese name of our company has been officially changed from "安吉汽车物流股份有限公司" to "上汽安吉物流股份有限公司" since September 18th, 2018, upon the resolution of our company’s Shareholders General Assembly and the official approval of Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce, while the English name has been changed from "Anji Automotive Logistics Co., Ltd." to “SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd.”. After the change of name, all original rights and obligations shall be undertaken by SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd., and all business relationship and service commitments will be unchanged.


The original bank account information and tax information of our company have not been changed yet. We will send you a further notice after the relevant changes of the above information.


We are so sorry for any inconvenience arising therefrom, and your understanding will be greatly appreciated.



SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd.

September 28,2018


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